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Discoveryopt company profile

        Zhangjiajie Youniao Trading Co., Ltd., formerly known as Youniao Optical Network, entered the domestic optical instrument market in 2009. It is mainly engaged in the design and development of optical instruments - telescopes, rangefinders, sights, and mobile phone cameras. In the field of curved optics, the company has Several patented technologies being applied for and used, such as impact resistance of the scope, range measurement function, external dynamic shooting, etc.;

Discoveryopt own brand

The company's brands include DISCOVERY/Discoverer, HFIRE/Zhiyan, etc. Its products are exported to Europe, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, and other countries. Product performance and quality have won wide acclaim at home and abroad, and it has become a leader in R&D and innovation in the field of domestic curved optics. Leading enterprise; the company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "discovering the unknown and delivering value"; the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first, service first", and is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign counterparts to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

Discoveryopt brand development history

2012: The original team of the Discoverer brand entered the Chinese scope sales industry and quickly occupied a place in the country with a sales growth rate of 200%;
2013: The Discoverer brand original team registered and established Zhangjiajie Youniao Optoelectronics Trading Co., Ltd., and applied to the Trademark Administration of the People’s Republic of China to register the DISCOVERY/Discoverer scope brand in the second half of the same year;
2014: In the first half of the year, the Discoverer scope brand was approved by the General Administration of Trademark. In the second half of the year, the Discoverer VT-1 and VT-2 series products were launched and became popular in the market for their strong shock resistance, high definition, novel appearance, and reasonable price. Favored; at the end of the year, the Discoverer brand held its first dealer annual meeting in Zhangjiajie.
2015: Discoverer continues to implement the brand strategy in three main lines. First, the improvement of brand models and the development of new functions: According to different market needs, Discoverer added HD-high definition series, HS- The high-seismic series, HI-high-tech series, as well as the innovative research and development of the range-finding differentiation of the Discoverer scope and the research and development of external dynamic shooting components have enabled the Discoverer brand to develop further and in-depth; secondly, the improvement and upgrade of product quality: The Discoverer scope has conducted in-depth research in technical fields such as shock resistance, zoom difference, focus difference, and image jump. The use of new materials and improvements in new structures have made a qualitative leap in the quality of the Discoverer scope; 3. It is the development of overseas markets: With a complete brand series and quality assurance, Discoverer went out of China in 2015 and has made a tentative appearance in international markets such as Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Australia, and has cooperated with many of the above countries. The dealers have established a good cooperative relationship, and the discoverers have gone abroad and embraced the world! At the end of the same year, Discoverer held its second dealer annual meeting in Thailand.
2016: Discover the unknown and deliver value—the discoverers are with you


Business Name: Discovery Optical Technology Co., Limited
Address: 香港九龍尖沙咀柯士甸路 7-9 號煥利商業大 廈 9 樓 907 室, 907, HK, HK, 000000
Postal code: 427000
Tel: 86 18665909287
Facebook: Discoveryopt
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